But now the backless sandal has found fans in real lives. Love it!!!!! It was begun in 1607 - a year when the city was completely flooded - but was not completed until 1789, and then it was found that the city was still subject to partial inundations, although an enormous sum of money and 70,000 lives of Indian labourers had been expended upon it. Anyway, after today we'll have the rest of our lives to eat breakfast together. Is it possible that on account of court and personal considerations tens of thousands of lives, and my life, my life," he thought, "must be risked?". 363. (noun) Dictionary ! "Perhaps you are right for yourself," he added after a short pause, "but everyone lives in his own way. The bulk lead really excellent lives in monasteries, which are centres of education and poor-relief; while others go out to visit the poor as Gurus or teachers. maculosa, which lives in plains or at low altitudes (up to 3000 ft.), deposits her young, ten to fifty in number, in the water, in springs or cool rivulets, and these young at birth are of small size, provided with external gills and four limbs, in every way similar to advanced newt larvae. This knowledge, joined to what he had gathered by historical reading of equally unusual extent, he carefully digested and gave to the world in his Biographisch-literarisches Handworterbuch zur Geschichte der exacten Wissenschaften, containing notices of the lives and labours of mathematicians, astronomers, physicists, and chemists, of all peoples and all ages. There are lives by Larrazabal (New York, 1866); Rojas (Madrid, 1883); and Ducoudray-Holstein (Paris, 1831). Biography, with authorities; Lives of the Queens of England, by A. O'Hanlon, Lives of the Irish Saints, vii. In towns and districts in which there lives a considerable section (20% or more) of citizens speaking a language other than Czechoslovak, schools are to be provided, the instruction to be imparted in the language of that minority. 3. And now, if these people think they are safe from me, are in for the surprise of their now-short lives! Andrew Clark from the MSS. Trent lives rather on its historical souvenirs than on its industries, which are not very extensive, viticulture, silk-spinning and the preparation of salami (a strongly spiced kind of Italian sausage) being the chief. The single species, which is a native of western and southern Australia, is about the size of an English squirrel, to which its long bushy tail gives it some resemblance; but it lives entirely on the ground, especially in sterile sandy districts, feeding on ants. 8) A cat has nine lives. He lives at a stone’s throw from my house. "For the Church of England," he there says, "I am persuaded that the constant doctrine of it is so pure and orthodox, that whosoever believes it, and lives according to it, undoubtedly he shall be saved, and that there is no error in it which may necessitate or warrant any man to disturb the peace or renounce the communion of it. How to use live in a sentence. My uncle lives in Mumbai. And who lives there? I have no purpose but to make others' lives easier. We possess two lives of him - one by John of Asia in his collection of biographies, and another which may have been written by a priest of Jacob's original monastery of Pesilta. "Stay today, Gabriel, but know that the next time you return, you will take the lives of two of them," she said. Most things in our lives are usually right rather than wrong. The Arctic peoples regulated their lives by the long day and night in the year; among the tribes in the arid region the place of sunrise was marked on the horizon for each day; the tropical Indians were not so observant, but they worshipped the sun-god above all. Though the inhabitants bad been arned by the earlier convulsions of the mountain, so swiftly d destruction come upon them that 18,ooo are said to have St their lives. For example: Teenagers always drive so recklessly! This study examines the lives of the rich and famous. he lives [lɪvz] Peter lives in Poland. This was split open by a thunderbolt, the old man sacrificing himself to save the lives of those who were inside, and from it there issued the progenitors of the present races of men, beasts, birds, fishes and plants. The lives of the White God's mate, and her best friend's mate, were in her hands. 30 of the finer feelings of moral evidence, which must, however, determine the action and opinions of our lives.". In the forefront of the new movement are to be found men like Yoneharu Unkai and Shinkai Taketaro; the former chiselled a figure of Jenner for the Medical Association of Japan when they celebrated the centenary of the great physician, and the latter has carved life-size effigies of two Imperial princes who lost their lives in the war with China (1894 95). This is how people lived their lives in the past and if asked about it, they would have defended it. While our employment hampered our work with Howie, we all recognized our need to continue our day to day lives. His mother lives there with him, so it's not like we'd be all alone out there. The lives of many Europeans were at stake, for anarchy must follow the withdrawal, and it seemed impossible to repudiate the pledges to Toro, or to abandon the Baganda who had fought for the British. After this period of formation his fame began to spread abroad, and the monks of a neighbouring monastery induced him to become their abbot; but their lives were irregular and dissolute, and on his trying to put down abuses they attempted to poison him. Expeditions of Sibley in 1863, and General Alfred Sully (1821-1879) in 1864, eventually drove the hostile Indians beyond the Missouri and terminated the war, which in two years had cost upwards of a thousand lives of settlers and volunteers. We will know how to live our lives to best maximize any and all factors. (permanently, temporarily) " People are living longer these days. Where everyone can live up to his or her maximum potential. He preferred this idea, except that it would mean he.d be defending her from Dark One.s minions and demons every minute of the rest of their lives together. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. If so, it might be possible to save the lives of persons bitten by mad dogs. ((And can I replace "criticizing others" with "doing so"?)) A result of this belief was to give their lives a peculiarly enthusiastic or inspirational character. I livewithin 200 meters of the station. I wouldn't deny one's right to fulfill love, but doing so will have serious consequences on an untold number of lives, even those you're saving. In a profound way, our lives will be better. Darian had survived two lives and was on his third. Madden, Lives of the United Irishmen (7 vols., London, 1842); Alfred Webb, Compendium of Irish Biography (Dublin, 1878); W. Many lives of Tetzel have been published on the Protestant and on the Catholic side, the most recent being Korner's (1880), K. In the disorderly flight both Louis and his younger brother Henry, refusing to abandon the field, lost their lives. Leo; on the other hand, Thomas of Celano's two Lives are free from the "tendencies" ascribed to them by Sabatier, and that of 1248 was written with the collaboration of Leo and the other companions; thus the best sources of information are those portions of the Speculum that can with certainty be carried back to Br. This work is a collection of lives of holy men who founded monasteries in the East, and is a valuable historical source. This creature is semi-aquatic and lives chiefly on fishes; it grows to a length of about 5 ft.; the general colour is reddish to dark brown, FIG. - Demosthenes, De Corona and De Falsa Legatione; Aeschines, De Falsa Legatione and In Ctesiphontem; Lives by Plutarch, Philostratus and Libanius; the Exegesis of Apollonius. He still continued to use his influence in favour of the royalists, whenever this was possible without imperilling his own interests, and he saved the lives of both the earl of Norwich (8th March 1649) and Sir W. 603, who gives a list of his printed speeches and letters; Foss, Lives of the Judges, vi. I'm saying their lives will be complicated enough without us adding problems to it. The notices given in the historical synaxaria are summaries of those in the great menologies, or collections of lives of saints, for the twelve months of the year. The lives by Hamon (1856) and Perennes (1860), without adding much to preceding biographies, are serious and edifying. But many people's lives do follow humdrum, dispiriting patterns because we employ too many people doing work that machines should be doing. Natural examples: You should aim to write sentences that illustrate a common usage of the word. 2. In general, these performed very much the same function as the lives of saints in the early and medieval church. The very fact that we have debated in recent years whether we can use torture to get information that will save lives is a sign of the effects of civilization. 238-240. According to an official estimate the earthquake caused the loss of 77,283 lives.'. I live with my mother and daughter. It is said that tall people live shorter lives than short people. One who heard this famous discourse says: " Most of the speakers rose, more or less, above their usual level, but when Mr Gladstone sat down we all of us felt that an epoch in our lives had occurred. She'd destroyed these people's lives and lost the only man she'd cared for. high, but does not reach its full growth till its sixteenth or seventeenth year; it lives from forty to fifty years. Winged Female which lives on leaves and buds of vine, and lays parthogenetically eggs of two kinds, one developing into a wingless female, the other into a male. The young man said he understood but sounded confused at Dean's sudden absence from their lives, though he didn't press for an explanation. At Treves, in 385, he entreated that the lives of the Priscillianist heretics should be spared, and he ever afterwards refused to hold ecclesiastical fellowship with those bishops who had sanctioned their execution. But the quarrel between the republics, both fighting for trade supremacy - that is to say, for their lives - could not come to an end till one or other was thoroughly crushed. When you read somewhere else that food produced by large corporations saved millions of lives, you won't believe that. She lives in Jalandhar. Among his numerous writings may be mentioned Lives of the Saints, Discourses on the Seven Sacraments, and especially his sermons preached before the diet, in which he lashed the Poles for their want of patriotism and prophesied the downfall of the country. They alternated discussing what was hap­pening in their lives while the other nodded, injecting a polite one word answer occasionally, just to properly pretend interest. There have been several instances of this being done in the fiery pits in the Barnsley district, notably at the great explosion at the Oaks colliery in 1866, when 360 lives were lost. Two tendencies appeared in the thought of the primitive Church, the one to regard Christianity as a law given by God for the government of men's lives, with the promise of a blessed immortality as a reward for its observance; the other to view it as a means by which the corrupt and mortal nature of man is transformed, so that he becomes a spiritual and holy being. Among later lives we may mention the hymn Genair Patraicc, commonly attributed to Fiacc, which is considered by the latest editors to have been originally composed about Boo. If you live with a lame person, you will learn to limp. Short and simple: Try to avoid writing lengthy example sentences. It only takes a sentence to change your life. A continuation of their work on bitter almond oil by Liebig and Wohler, who remained firm friends for the rest of their lives, resulted in the elucidation of the mode of formation of that substance and in the discovery of the ferment emulsin as well as the recognition of the first glucoside, amygdalin, while another and not less important and far-reaching inquiry in 'which they collaborated was that on uric acid, published in 1837. It is not our business to judge and we've removed ourselves from the chore of managing the lives of others outside our … P. Ashe and Mackay only redeemed their lives by presents. The hardships of war and the excesses of peace shortened the lives of the men; the kingdom of Jerusalem had eleven kings within a century. Now, consider the child that lives off the interest payments of all the money her parents saved. Alex was gone from their lives, leaving a void no one could fill. You're trying to live like your parents, Carmen. The greater part of the land in this section was comprised in vast estates such as Rensselaerwyck, Livingston, Scarsdale, Phillipse, Pelham and Van Cortlandt manors, and on these the leasehold system with perpetual leases, leases for 99 years or leases for one to three lives had become general. Sentence Examples. A third series of homilies, the Lives of the Saints, dates from 996 to 997. The villa concept lived and lives on in the haciendas of Latin America and the estancias of Brazil and Argentina. Who lives on the other side of the world? The male matures when about fifteen years of age, marries when about twenty-six, begins to age when about forty, and lives on to sixty or sixty-five if he reaches old age. chetan on October 20, 2014: Newman, afterwards cardinal, in his Lives of the English Saints. This is by far the largest family and contains the commonest species; the larva of Echinorhynchus proteus lives in Gammarus pulex and in small fish, the adult is common in many fresh-water fish: E. moniliformis has for its larval host the larvae of the beetle Blaps mucronata, for its final host certain mice, if introduced into man it lives well: E. Gigantorhynchus gigas lives normally in the pig, but is not uncommon in man in South Russia, its larval host is the grub of Melolontha vulgaris, Cetonis auratus, and in America probably of Lachnosterna arcuata: G. echinodiscus lives in the intestine of ant-eaters: G. And several, especially in France and Germany, made the great sacrifice which summarily closed lives and extinguished brains of great value to science. Is "that" indicating the "lives" in this first sentence? A statue to his honour has been erected at Maros-Vasarhely, but he lives still more enduringly in the immortal verses of the patriot poet Sandor Petofi, who fell in the fatal action of the 31st of July at Segesvar. the worm and to resist the peristaltic action of the intestine in which it lives, and are not connected directly with the absorption of food. An interesting species of the last is the leaf-cutting ant (Eciton) which lives in large underground colonies and feeds upon a fungus produced by leaf-cuttings stored in subterranean passages to promote fermentation. I want to hear the woman who lives by the motto of no apologies, no regrets, who told me once that her own soul searching taught her to live, doesn't want my help turning that three months into eternity. John Maggs, a painter best known for coaching scenes, was born and lived in … And yet, our lives are nothing like that. Comparatively only a few species are, for part of their lives, denizens of fresh water; these, as larvae, are parasitic on the eggs or larvae of other aquatic insects, the little hymenopteron, Polynema natans, one of the " fairy-flies " - swims through the water by strokes of her delicate wings in search of a dragon-fly's egg in which to lay her own egg, while the rare Agriotypus dives after the case of a caddis-worm. Of the ordinary teaching of Greek in his day, Fleury wittily observed that most boys " learned just enough of that language to have a pretext for saying for the rest of their lives that Greek was a subject easily forgotten.". Lives as a noun: Lives (pronounced lie-vz) is the correct plural form of the noun life, which is defined as a living being, especially a person.. She lives in Indiana but it's so difficult to make any plans until...they find Jeff. "Be brave, and defend your king with your lives," said their mother. Temple in Lives of Illustrious Persons (1714), 40. Elliott lives by his determined opposition to the "bread-tax," as he called it, and his poems on the subject are saved from the common fate of political poetry by their transparent sincerity and passionate earnestness. 352-353, and Journ. It is not unlikely that, owing to the conditions under which it now lives, these traits are even more developed in England than elsewhere. In spite of this the 18th century produced some of the most devoted of Londoners - men who considered a day lived out of London as one lost out of their lives. But neither in Homer nor in Hesiod is there any trace of the idea that the heroes after death had any power for good or evil over the lives of those who survived them; and consequently, no cult. I don't know anything about you, Rhyn," Katie said. A roll of the dice changed the lives of all of us and hundreds of others forever. Again, this is because without compelling, widely accepted facts, we use things we've learned from other parts of our lives to make our decisions. Сorrect sentence in your content effortlessly using our online checking software tool. Much the case with Howie and Julie, I felt the personal lives of our group deserved their own space to address their own problems. Life. So many other lives have been lost that might've been saved. Suspected of "Moderatism" on account of this incident, especially when he was recalled to Paris, Tallien increased, in appearance, his revolutionary zeal, but Therese abated his revolutionary ardour, and from the lives she saved by her entreaties she received the name of "Our Lady of Thermidor," after the 9th of Thermidor. Examples of who lives in a sentence: 1. We have to work at jobs to create wealth because as we live our lives, we consume wealth. You mean he lives really, really far away? The neighbors continued to help, but they had their own lives to live and she was encouraging them to get back to their normal activities. : But the truth is that he is a fine person who enjoys life and lives it well. Many famous artists livein New York. Here the Lechici, as they called themselves (a name derived from the mythical patriarch, Lech), seemed to have lived for centuries, in loosely connected communities, the simple lives of huntsmen, herdsmen and tillers of the soil, till the pressure of rapacious neighbours compelled them to combine for mutual defence. Of this family the members are almost exclusively marine, but Limnicythere is found in fresh water, and Xestoleberis bromeliarum (Fritz Muller) lives in the water that collects among the leaves of Bromelias, plants allied to the pine-apples. pp. is what it claims to be - the handiwork of Leo and the two other most intimate companions of Francis, compiled in 1246; these are the most authentic and the only true accounts, Thomas of Celano's Lives being written precisely in opposition to them, in the interests of the majority of the order that favoured mitigations of the Rule especially in regard to poverty. He lives right up there, over the Laundromat. Noteworthy coincidences in the lives of Abraham and Isaac, noticed above, point to the fluctuating state of traditions in the oral stage, or suggest that Abraham's life has been built up by borrowing from the common stock of popular lore. Archigetes appendiculatus lives throughout life in the coelom of Tubifex and of Limnodrilus. This sentence pattern uses linking verbs to link one noun to another. Contemporary lives are to be found in Panvinio, continuator of Platina, De vitis pontiff.

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